CLS - Christian Life School


Biblical teaching material for children and adult


Lessons for about 12 year old kids

More and more people lack the balance in their lifes and the enjoyment of life fades away.
The Bible contains eternal values and showes the way to well bllanced and joyful life.
By spreading the biblical values, CLS wants to help people of all ages to enjoy their true „joie de vivre“!

Mt 28,20a (Jesus says) ... and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Objective of CLS

We want people to be able to be offered the whole biblical message in form of free literature by the internet.

Lessons, which are prepared for the different age level, help parents, Sunday school teachers, children's group leaders, etc. to teach children and young people and adult the Word of God.

(Everything will be written in German and than English to make it easier to be translated to other languages)

That's why there is CLS

To provide children, adolescents, and adults with teaching material that will guide them through the Bible and familiarize people with all the truths and principles of the Bible

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